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NFL Royalty at the Oracle Value Chain Summit


Exciting things are happening at the Oracle Value Chain Summit! The DiCentral Oracle team attended guest speaker Steve Young's awesome keynote presentation today.

Also exciting are the number of demos we have shown to prospects looking to revamp their supply chain! Come check out the excitement at booth 208, and enter to win our GoPro HERO giveaway!

Oracle Value Chain Summit Steve Young DiCentral

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Genesco Selects DiConnect from DiCentral — Enjoys Immediate ROI


We are thrilled to announce that Genesco Inc. (NYSE: GCO), a Nashville-based specialty retailer, has selected DiCentral to help streamline the company’s supply chain management processes and provide better exchanges of data with suppliers. Genesco selected DiConnect™ Enterprise as its EDI (EDI/INT) solution. In addition to connecting with the DiCentral Network, Genesco also plans to use DiConnect to exchange data with its large suppliers.

“Genesco sought to improve the exchange ofGenesco resized 600 data with a high level of reliability and security, while minimizing costs,” says Tim Bolton, EDI manager for Genesco. “We selected DiConnect™ because the solution would enable us to exchange data in a variety of formats and we found the solution to be very user friendly and easy to install. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with DiCentral as we increase our trading partner network.”

“In today’s complex world of retail electronic commerce, it is imperative for companies to employ transaction and data solutions that can handle high volumes of communications with speed and efficiency,” says Thuy Mai, founder and CEO, DiCentral. “We were happy to welcome Genesco to our growing list of blue chip customers and we are thrilled to see them already reaping the benefits from DiConnect™ and, in turn, passing those benefits on to their clients in the form of cost savings and industry-leading customer service.”

DiConnect™ is a cost-effective and scalable, Internet EDI solution for enterprises seeking to exchange purchase orders, invoices and other business documents with trading partners. DiConnect™ leverages the Internet to minimize the cost of value-added network (VAN) fees and labor-intensive paper processes—delivering immediate returns.

Click here to see the DiCentral press relese. 

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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DiCentral Exhibiting at Oracle Value Chain Summit Next Week


The Oracle Value Chain Summit kicks off next week in San Jose. DiCentral, a proud Oracle Gold Partner, will be exhibiting at booth #208; we have plenty to share with you, so be sure to stop by!

DiCentral Oracle Gold Partner

The DiCentral Oracle team will be showcasing our EDI integration solution for Oracle E-Business Suite, which provides users comprehensive EDI integration that goes beyond traditional hosting models by providing them with complete mapping, integration, visibility, control, and communication.

Our experience in Oracle E-Business Suite integration allows us to officially partner with
Oracle to leverage the power of each offering. DiCentral has earned the position of trusted
advisor with Oracle platforms based on our deep knowledge of business processes within
the supply chain.

We hope to see you at Oracle Value Chain Summit booth #208 to learn more about our extensive Oracle EDI integration services! You can also enter for a chance to win a GoPro HERO camera at the DiCentral boothfind us on Facebook and mention the GoPro giveaway, and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing twice!

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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How Perfect Are Your EDI Documents?


Fulfilling the perfect order requires that several things happen perfectly along the way between the customer creating the order and eventually receiving exactly what they ordered. The most basic piece of this puzzle is that the various transactions that make up the order process are all created and interpreted perfectly by all trading partners along the way. Making all those documents perfect does not happen automatically. Even the most elementary document needs to be tested to assure that the content, format, and the processes that handle it work as intended.

In the end, vendors want to get paid for the DiCentral EDI Vendor Complianceproducts they send to their customers. And customers want to pay the price they negotiated. But the interpretation of price and cost can be a sticking point for both. Every supplier has a set of costs it calculates in order to arrive at its total cost and then at the profit it expects to make on the item. The same goes for the retailer selling the products it buys from its suppliers. While the retailer doesn’t have the manufacturing and parts costs, it does have an entire set of other costs that go into its pricing calculation. When any of those costs turn out to be different from what was expected, margins are affected—generally in a negative way.

A common reason for increased costs is errors in the handling of the EDI documents exchanged between the retailer and supplier. They can turn up in a number of ways, but typically they appear at the time of delivery, when the shipment doesn’t match the order or the documents can’t be processed automatically and require manual intervention. Those issues add cost for the retailer that were not included in the initial price negotiations. The retailer may then deduct that cost from the payment the supplier is expecting for their goods. And while it may seem that the burden is on the supplier to foot the bill for the costs, the deductions they face rarely make up for the full effects of the problems on the retailer’s side.

Avoiding the problems

Making sure processes run smoothly and delays are mitigated is really everyone’s responsibility and end up benefiting the partnership as a whole. Though it’s probably unrealistic to think that there will never be problems to resolve, it’s pretty easy to anticipate the ones that are likely to show up and cause the most pain to both parties.

As with most business relationships—or for that matter, all things in life—relationships work best when the ground rules are known at the outset of the relationship. Here are a few things to consider when starting a new trading partner partnership, or even if your partnership is continuing.

What documents are being used and planned?

The question of current documents required for the partnership is obvious, but many retailers plan far ahead for the incorporation of more specific and complex transactions. Be prepared for what’s to come.

Find out what testing is expected

Testing is something many suppliers find to be an imposition. And costs for testing are usually borne by the vendor. Understand ahead of time what testing is required and what the costs are. It’s unlikely you will be able to avoid the costs, but knowing what they are ahead of time allows them to become incorporated into the pricing negotiation.

Inquire about deductions and penalties

Most retailers have some policies regarding errors and have set fees and deductions. Just like testing fees, understand what they are ahead of time. Incidentally, thorough and adequate testing should eliminate most errors and their associated deductions. Find out if the retailer provides assurances that once testing has been completed satisfactorily some considerations will be made for EDI document errors that occur.

Read document requirements

Your EDI team is well acquainted with document specifications. But understanding how they relate to the sales and “special deals” arranged by product managers can avoid conflicts in the future.

Ask about timing requirements for updates and changes

As retailers update their document specifications, vendors need to mirror the changes in their own processes. Some changes need to be made quickly while others have longer time frames. Find out what the retailer expects so that the right resources can be applied as needed.

Understand overall compliance expectations

Compliance goes far beyond EDI documents. Find out what the retailer’s policies are regarding compliance reviews and remediation.

Certainly there will be other issues that haven’t been anticipated and discussed, but establishing an open conversation that acknowledges that the relationship needs to be profitable and beneficial on both sides is key in starting off on the right foot in satisfying your customers with orders that are correct and sent on time.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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2015 NRF Big Show Has Been a Blast


The DiCentral team was busy at this year's NRF Big Show, establishing new relationships, catching up on old ones, and helping retailers with any EDI compliance and enablement concerns they brought to New York.

If you attended the show, we hope we had the chance to talk with you about your organization's supply chain initiatives for 2015. If not, drop us a line and we'll be happy to demonstrate how we can streamline your supply chain and help your organization reach its goals for the coming year.

2015 NRF Big Show DiCentral

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Big Events Coming in 2015 — Expect to See the DiCentral Team at a Conference Near You


The DiCentral team is already gearing up forNRF Big Show 2015 DiCentral what promises to be a fruitful and busy year—in fact, one of the biggest shows of 2015 is just days away! If you're attending NRF's 104th annual Big Show, taking place January 11-14 in New York City, be on the lookout for us as we make the rounds at the expo and conference. 

The DiCentral team will also be attending these following events in January and February:

If you're attending one or more of these events, let us know on our Facebook page or reply below—we'll give you the scoop on prize give-aways and more!

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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DiCentral Acquires Assets of QLogitek and Creates Strategic Relationship with Parent Company


We are happy to announce that DiCentral has acquired the EDI business assets of QLogitek, a B2B-EDI supply chain solutions provider based in Toronto, Canada. The $2.15 Million transaction includes IP and support infrastructure as well. With DiCentral already managing billions of transactions in retail, manufacturing and other industries, the acquisition accelerates DiCentral’s strategy to make supply chain management, via the cloud, a vibrant platform for companies of all sizes to more easily conduct and grow their business. Thousands of trading partner organizations, including manufacturers, shippers and distributors, operating globally in retail, manufacturing, distribution and telecommunications are mobilized by QLogitek. Its 24/7/365 EDI operations enable tens of thousands of global users to conduct over 20 million transactions annually.

“We welcome the QLogitek EDI clients to the DiCentral ecosystem, and look forward to servicing their needs on a global scale,” said Thuy Mai, CEO, DiCentral. “QLogitek has been one of the more innovative B2B cloud integration solution providers that has solved the needs of retailers and small to medium-sized businesses that operate within the retail supply chain ecosystem. We're thrilled to add QLogitek's customers, technology and talented team to expand our existing suite of solutions and global service offering.”  

This acquisition expands DiCentral’s geographical footprint and immediately provides a broader and greater service offering for the company’s retail ecosystem to more easily conduct trade. By combining the QLogitek clients with that of DiCentral’s existing integration network, DiCentral expects to significantly enhance the performance of the company’s global business and supply chain operations for its customers, shippers, financial institutions and the industries that service these constituents. 

In addition, the parent company of QLogitek, Smart Employee Benefits (SEB) Inc., and DiCentral have signed a strategic partnership agreement to collaborate on joint solutions that will enable SEB clients to leverage B2B integration needs going forward.

“QLogitek was founded to bring supply chain automation, integration and collaboration solutions to the retail,  CPG and healthcare world,” said Latiq Qureshi, President and CEO for QLogitek. “We are confident that our customers will benefit from the DiCentral team, its solutions and services while continuing to enjoy excellent service and support under DiCentral’s leadership.”

For many organizations, it is becoming increasingly complex to integrate business communities. As transaction volumes grow, businesses expand internationally, and all the while the expectation exists that integration must happen faster in order to facilitate trade and to grow revenue. Outsourcing and B2Bi managed services for small to medium-sized businesses are becoming more popular options for clients looking to become more agile and to improve internal service levels for business constituents that seek new clients, new geographies and new partnerships. Both DiCentral and QLogitek independently executed on this journey to assist clients with their B2Bi needs, and the combination of assets creates a powerful solution and service offering that will enable DiCentral to greatly accelerate its vision. 

Read more about this story at

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Happy Holidays from the DiCentral Team!


DiCentral happy holidays

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Report Predicts Over 2 Billion Smartphones Will Circulate in 2016


Research firm eMarketer published a new report forecasting that by 2016 2.16 billion smartphones will be in use worldwide. In order to give that number a bit of context, consider this: in 2013, 1.3 billion DiCentral smartphone EDIsmartphones were in use, while this year the number rose to 1.6 billion, according to eMarketer.

The report also predicts that by the end of 2018, over 50 percent of all mobile phones in use worldwide will be smartphones—that will mark the first time that smartphones outnumber standard cell phones.

From the CNET article:

That smartphones will officially overtake their more-basic counterparts is no small feat. For years, feature phones have been the most popular because of their affordability. Consumers in emerging markets around the world have also found it difficult to connect to the Internet, making a smartphone, which includes a Web browser, e-mail access and apps, an impractical expense.

According to eMarketer, however, the scene is changing. Internet access is becoming more ubiquitous in emerging markets. At the same time, smartphone prices are starting to inch down.

Read the article here.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Decking the Halls and Trimming the Tree at DiCentral HQ!


Tis the season at DiCentral HQ! The halls are now officially decked. Click the screenshot below to see our time-lapse video of the DiCentral tree being (expertly and tastefully) decorated.

DiCentral Holidays 2014

Happy holidays from everyone at DiCentral!

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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