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EDI Integration: It's not just for Fortune 500 Companies


EDI integration has beenDiCentral integration successfully implemented in large Fortune 500 organizations for many years with concrete, measurable returns on investment. The surprising part for most small businesses is that EDI integration can make a significant positive impact even at low revenue numbers.

Data integration can provide ultimate efficiency, increased inventory turns, and reduced labor costs that every business aspires to achieve. The cost savings can be dramatic even for a modest operation that would ordinarily never consider a data integration solution. What's a small business to do? This white paper discusses how small businesses can best benefit from EDI integration, and what steps to take to adopt EDI.




-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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Winner Announced of DiCentral Convergence 2014 Drawing


DiCentral is proud to announce the winnerDiCentral Microsoft Convergence of our drawing for an Enterprise-level Dynamic Communities membership: congratulations to Mark Dingee and the Oatey Company! Mark has chosen an AXUG Enterprise-level membership. Thanks Mark for visiting our booth last month at Microsoft Convergence 2014!



-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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DiCentral Products Not Vulnerable to Online Security Threat "Heartbleed"


Today's blog article comes to us from guest blogger Dr. Phil Arcuri, DiCentral's software architect and chief security officer.

A new SSL/TLS threat—dubbed "Heartbleed"—has recently been discovered. Heartbleed is an implementation bug (rather than a flaw in the SSL/TLS spec) and it affects the OpenSSL library. The issue was discovered independently by researchers at Google Inc. and the Finnish security firm Codenomicon.

According to a Washington PostDiCentral HeartBleed article posted on April 8th, "Passwords, credit cards and other sensitive data are at risk after security researchers discovered a problem with an encryption technology used to securely transmit email, e-commerce transactions, social networking posts and other Web traffic."

DiCentral's products do not use OpenSSL, and are not vulnerable to this exploit. 

Read the Washington Post article here.

Dr. Phil Arcuri
Software Architect & Chief Security Officer, DiCentral

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COLLABORATE 14 is Happening this Week, & DiCentral is There!


The DiCentral Integration Team is in Las Vegas this week for the Oracle COLLABORATE 14 Conference. The week will be filled with networking, learning, and sharing our latest EDI integration services for the Oracle community. Stop by our booth #854 for great freebies and to discuss your orgainization's integration needs!

Oracle Collaborate 14 DiCentral

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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DiCentral Acquires On-Demand Warehouse Management System from JDA Software Group


DiCentral Inc. today announced that it has purchased JDA Software Group's industry-leading, cloud-based On-Demand Warehouse Management System (formerly SmartTurn).

“DiCentral is always seeking to improve the customer experience and return on investment. On-Demand WMS (SmartTurn) will be brought to market as a strong value-add to DiCentral’s comprehensive supply chain integration suite and it will help our customers achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility,” says DiCentral CEO Thuy Mai. “Our customers want scalable tools to manage their businesses. This acquisition of a cloud-based WMS should make clear just how serious DiCentral is about helping our customers, regardless of size, achieve a unique and lasting supply chain advantage.”

According to Ann Grakin, CEO of ChainLink Research, “Warehouse Management continues to be a critical function in the global supply chain. Many innovations continue to be introduced to enhance operational capabilities, as well as to allow those who manage the warehouse to introduce new services to their customers and partners. The acquisition clearly dictates DiCentral’s interest in staying on top of this critical function and better enabling its customers to maintain their competitive edge.”

Read the DiCentral press release here.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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DiCentral Partners with Queue Associates, a Microsoft Gold ERP Partner with Solutions for Dynamics AX & GP Users


DiCentral Inc. recently entered into a partnership with Queue Associates, a Microsoft Gold ERP partner.

"Queue is very excited to join forces with DiCentral in a mutually beneficial partnership that has been developed through our IAMCP membership," says Jeffrey Goldstein, managing director of Queue Associates Inc. "We hope to continue to bring exceptional service to our existing customers, and to new Queue Associates DiCentral Microsoft ERPMicrosoft Dynamics users worldwide."

"Queue Associates is a well-respected Microsoft Gold Partner and remains a leader in the Microsoft channel," adds Eric Lambiase, senior director of Global OEM Channels at DiCentral. "We're excited to add our EDI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP to the Queue Associates' offering. We look forward to serving their customers in simplifying EDI/B2B integration, optimizing supply chain processes, and generating a tangible return on investment."

Read the DiCentral press release here.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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EDI Numerical Codes to Be Replaced with Easy-to-Remember Names


The EDI Standards and Supply Chain Data Accreditation Board today announced the official renaming of all EDI ANSI X12 documents. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the EDI Standards and Supply Chain Data Accreditation Board, or EDISSCDAB, is responsible for facilitating conformity of all EDI standards in the global marketplace.

Albert Lundström, president of the EDISSCDAB, stated, "We feel that the numerical codes commonly used now to differentiate between the many EDI documents are confusing. I mean, who knows the difference between an 877 and an 880? And what exactly is an 876? Why is it called 876? Why not 4498-162A? I don't have a clue, and I'm the president of the EDISSCDAB! Therefore, we set out to replace the numerical codes with names that should prove easier to use. Once put into practice, I believe that the new system will help greatly to simplify supply chain communication."

The complete list of documents and the accompanying new names will be released in early June of this year, but sources close to the EDISSCDAB have confirmed that the 856, or advance ship notice, will be known as “Jeremy,” while the 810 invoice will be assigned the name “Gwyneth.”

Read the official press release here.

If you have any questions or concerns, the EDISSCDAB North American office can be reached at 719-266-2837.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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TJM Innovations Gains Speed, Accuracy, and Visibility w/ DiCentral


TJM Innovations is a manufacturer and distributor with Internet and retail presence focused on designing and developing products that make consumers' lives easier and less stressful without making a huge impact on the environment. TJM products can be found on the Internet and at leading retailers such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Do it Best Hardware, True Value Hardware, ABC Supply Co., Inc., Sutherlands, and Amazon.

With their previous EDI solution, TJM was having significant issues invoicing its clients, including Home Depot, its largest trading partner. The EDI provider was not creating invoices consistent with the trading partner's requirements. The bottom line is that TJM was just not able to send accurate invoices and the issue needed to be remedied, and quickly. Additionally, their EDI provider did not offer the data visibility that TJM needed to fulfill its orders.

TJM Innovations was referred to DiCentral by a partner of NetSuite and then introduced to DiIntegrator by DiCentral. DiIntegrator, combined with DiCentral's hosted EDI translation and routing services (web-based EDI—DiWeb), has enabled TJM to now process large groups of orders while providing tight integration with NetSuite ERP.

TJM Innovations DiCentralAs a supplier, TJM now has the benefit of processing its EDI data locally while maintaining the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy offered through DiCentral's web-hosted EDI solution.

"We have realized success with DiCentral. With DiIntegrator we send our invoices with no problem, and we can see our raw data without submitting a request. If there is ever an issue, DiCentral gets right on it. We're happy with this EDI solution, and pleased to now be compliant with all our customers' EDI requirements." — Julie McNamara, co-founder, TJM Innovations

Read the complete case study here.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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New DiCentral Live Webinar Dates Posted


For those who missed the February and early March live webinars, the following dates are available:

  • Thursday, March 13th, 1:00pm CST — EDI Integration & SAP Business One
  • Thursday, March 13th, 2:00pm CST — EDI Integration & Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Wednesday, March 19th, 1:00pm CST — The Ins & Outs of Web EDI
  • Thursday, March 20th, 2:00pm CST — EDI Integration & Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Wednesday, March 26th, 1:00pm CST — The Ins & Outs of Web EDI
  • Friday, March 28th, 1:00pm CST —  DiCentral's 3PL Module for SAP Business One

To resgister for these, as well as our series of on-demand webinars covering popular ERP systems from SAP, Microsoft, and Sage, click here.

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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B2B Integration: Making Technology Decisions that Scale w/ Your Business


Click here to get a copy of the DiCentral DiCentral white paperwhite paper, "B2B Integration: Making Technology Decisions that Scale with Your Business."

Written by ChainLink Research's Ann Grackin, the paper explores the technology considerations for growing businesses. At each stage of growth, companies have to deal with higher levels of complexity: adding new services, new products, and new customers. Technology investments need to support that growth without causing disruptions.

Access this helpful and insightful white paper and more like it at

-Daniel Ford, DiCentral

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